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The health and safety of our employees is our priority at De Beers

Environmental Management Systems (EMS)

Detailed site-specific plans are developed in consultation with communities early in the project planning stage and are formulated in accordance with established environmental codes of practice. Plans address soil, vegetation and wildlife issues, air quality, and water and energy conservation. The objective of the EMS is to identify and mitigate impacts during planning and operation, and to leave a productive, self-sustaining and hazard-free post-mining environment.

Diamond Mining

Compared to other types of mining, diamond mining has less impact on the environment. Recovering diamonds from the ore-bearing rock known as kimberlite requires a crushing, washing and screening process to which no chemicals are added. The application of environmental management practices helps protect the air, land and water during the active life of the mine.

Modern rehabilitation techniques, aided by the traditional knowledge of community members, enable the restoration of the environmental health and productivity of the area.

Impact Management

Any mining has an impact on the environment. Through careful planning and consultation with all of our stakeholders, we aim to minimize any environmental disturbance by our exploration and mining activities. We are committed to identifying any potential environmental issues early in the planning process.