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We work with our community partners to maximize opportunities from our operations

Building consumer confidence

Proactively addressing sustainability issues means ensuring our activities contribute positively to the livelihoods of both present and future generations.

Through joint action with our host communities and partner governments, consumers can have confidence in the integrity of our product and be proud of the contributions diamonds make to the communities in which we operate.

Our social investment strategy

In support of this commitment, De Beers Canada has a Social Investment strategy that targets specific initiatives or events that:

  • Contribute to capacity building and the development of transferrable skills
  • Reflect priorities of local people and communities
  • Make a lasting contribution.

View our Social Investment form.

Our initiatives

We consider initiatives in Canada with a particular focus on:

  • Capacity building through education, literacy, skills development
  • The environment and biodiversity
  • Cultural practices that preserve and enhancement in the communities in which we operate.